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Whew-So many memories and good times these past 7 days! You have been a superb captain, host, and instructor! I will remember so many moments of Joy :-) Flying fish, Fair Winds, Pounding Nights, Fuel Filters, Wonderful dinners, and lots of laughs! Thank you for an exceptional Extended Version of 106! We hope to see you soon again, dear sailor.
Love Ann,
(February 9, 2010, Ann Brainard)

Capt Jenn,
"Some things have to be experienced as mere description can not suffice-this week was one of those things. I came to gain ASA101-104 and I walk away with so much more- increased confidence, increased serenity, increased focus on good life values.
- Karen

Thank you captains Jeff and Jenn!
We learned so much this week. You and Jeff made it so much fun. You removed this anxiety of taking a boat out on our own. It's also comforting to know we're not the only crazy ones. Keep in touch.
Juanita & George, Ontario, Canada

Dear Capt Jenn,
Thank you is not enough of an expression to show how appreciative we are for all you did for me and my family. You gave me an unforgettable week of learning about sailing and having fun doing it. You have given me new perspective on life. Thank you-
See you soon again. Rita B. Maryland

Thanks for the awesome week. Time flew by, but I had a fantastic time. It was a great adventure, and you were the perfect guide and teacher. I hope this is a start to a long life of sailing for me, because you have shown how much fun and excitement there is to the ocean. Let me know if anyone buy my tree.
Dr Ray

Dear Jenn,
It has been a few days since we returned from an adventure of a lifetime for all of us. It was so much more than a sailing school. You surpassed all our expectations.

Your approach to life inspires all those around you. You filled us with enthusiasm to do things that most of people just dream of. You are a great leader and a Captain of great patience and authority. Wow!!! I know we will always be thinking back to our pirate lives and the monkeys. I can't wait to do it again....
Love, Mama Pirate, Rocket Pirate and Doctor Pirate

Jen- Only two events in my life were greater gifts than the last three days spent with you and Indian Summer. They were the births of my children and grandchild. This was truly a life altering experience. Thanks for all your love and patience. In New England when we have an Indian Summer is it a rare gift....and so are you. Love and Peace, Carolyn

Jen- You are extraordinarily gifted! Thank you so much for many "lessons" learned, your superb cuisine, your patience, your guts to keep us doing man overboard again and again!!! your music, and just your love of adventure-and being able to share yourself! You've inspired me -and you'll hear more later-Ann

sailing classes for womenThis was a lifetime gift. This weekend for me was informative, specific, relaxing, hard work, but by far the most incredible one I had in all the years I can or care to remember. Thank you Jennifer. Maureen

Excellent trip-have gained confidence and feel more empowered. Captain Jen was certainly the rose in the trip. Highly recommend to all women who have the need to grow. L. Woods

What a wonderful experience this has been. You made it so much fun-with your funny stories, your wealth of experience, and your endless patience. You are delightful. I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to use. R. Greene

Thank you so much for eliminating my fears and pushing hard, otherwise I would still be scared and lazy. Leona

women learn to sailThank you for such a positive learning environment! I will definitely feel more comfortable and capable on a sailboat and look forward to future sailing lessons and adventures. Sandy

It has been a blast! I know that I’ve learned so much. Our first day of sailing was a “whopper” but your demeanor kept us calm. You are quite the young woman. You made our trip wonderful. You are very knowledgeable, but also patient-a perfect teacher. Again thank you for a terrific trip. Donna

You are the best- a born teacher and the patience of Job. This is a trip that I will always remember and enjoy retelling and embellishing as the years go by. Susan

learn to sail the Florida keysThank you for making this trip such a wonderful vacation. I learned so much and had such a fun time. A good captain makes this happen. Don’t know how I will be able to go back to the real world. K. Carney

This experience has been wonderful-because of you and great shipmates. I am so in awe with your abilities and your joie de vivre and always had confidence in you even in our hurricane winds! I hope to do some sailing now that I have the foundation for it-but I will always remember this week fondly. Jean

We could have not asked for a more fun captain for our new adventure. You made everything so very special- Outstanding instruction and such tasty meals. I’ll think of you often come winter. Ann

Sailing and fishingI couldn’t have had a better captain to teach me the things I need to know before I attempt to sail off in the sunset with my husband. Now when he yells “prepare to jibe” I won’t stand there dumbfounded and duck down below. Your patience is that of a saint. Thank you for the fun, the excitement, and lessons in adventure. Mary

Wow-What a wonderful weekend. You helped me overcome my fear of sailing. I’ll email you when I get my 1st sailboat. You sing great-keep it up. Susan

Thanks for a wonderful time and an immense amount of knowledge. Chris

Sailing the Florida KeysSweet Jen. You are awesome! What a wonderful 3 days. It all went so fast. Whenever I tie a knot, I will always think of you. Sue

I learned a lot and achieved my goals. Thanks for making it happen. You have high expectations as any great teacher has. Marylin

What a great time and we learned soooo much. Thank you for all your patience (especially with my know tying) when we stat our cruising life we will head this way! Cam

What a joy to come aboard a beautiful boat, welcomed with a jolly smile and to hear my favorite song in the background, My mood was set immediately. Mary Jane

What a joy to be with someone with such passion and ability to share that passion in a positive way. I’ve learned so much on this adventure and have had a great time in doing so- thank you captain Jen. N. Driscoll

Sailing the Florida KeysCapt. Jen I learned so much. Thank you so much. You are an awesome role model. You have renewed my fascination and love for sailing. I am ready to once again take on the Chesapeake with my Cal 25 and plan to one day sail the open weather in something as comfortable as Indian Summer. Sue

This experience has open up a world of unlimited possibilities. Having kids has kept me caught up in their lives, I forgot about myself. This will help me bring them into mu world of interest. I hope to master this field while also enjoying it. Gabriella

Sailing the Florida KeysThank you for all your help and advice about living aboard. I’ve learned a lot of practical tips (like how to blow through the AC hose and check the oil) and also had a lot of fun. I’ll always remember us tying up at the Annapolis City dock with one dockline-thanks for sharing my adventure. I’ve gained so much more confidence-especially with backing up, and docking. I am so glad that I met you and shared part of my first week on board. Christy

Finally at age 50 I got to be a junior commander- Thanks for the confidence. Karen

Thanks for the wonderful weekend. It’s nice knowing that women today can spend their lives doing what they love and sharing it with the rest of us. I had a blast and learned tons. Much less eat fabulously. Julia

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